The Steel Advantage

Steel: the consumer alternative to plastic

Steel products have key advantages over plastic:

  • Weather and chemical resistant
  • Higher durability
  • Won’t absorb odor
  • Rodent proof
  • Recyclable
  • No petroleum in the product
  • Classic..High Quality…Decorative

What’s the difference between galvanized and hot-dipped steel?


The majority of Behrens products are made of Galvanized Sheet Steel:

  • Bright-Shiny appearance, which is preferred whenever appearance is important
  • Resist the elements-won’t oxidize
  • Made in the US

Other materials

Behrens also offers select steel products in Hot Dipped Zinc:

  • Seen as slightly more durable
  • Will oxidize; a look acceptable and traditional in farm/ag products
  • Behrens pails and round tubs available in both galvanized and hot dipped
  • Oval tubs and “Classic” watering cans are hot dipped