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Decorative Embossed Containers

Behrens manufactures a variety of galvanized steel containers. New to the assortment are embossed pails, cans, and tubs. This decorative style brings a unique look to each product; whether going for the vintage or the modern look, embossing gives a new edge to galvanized steel containers.



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Decorative Printed Pails & Tubs

Similar to the decorative option of embossing, printed pails and tubs give a unique look to Behrens galvanized steel products. Printed pails and tubs are offered both in full wrap and simple printed designs. Click the video below for more details and a review of these products.

Recently, Behrens has exited printing pails in-house, but our quality pails and tubs are still printed by our premium partners, Formgraphics and ProRose.