What is New

Decorative Pails & Tubs

Behrens manufactures a variety of galvanized steel pails and tubs. Recently, decorative pails and tubs have been added to the mix. Click on the video below for more details and a review of these products.


Home Collection


Vintage Pails:
(1VP) 1 Qt Pail
(2VP) 2 Qt Pail
(4VP) 4 Qt Pail
Vintage Mini Tubs:
(1VMT) 1 Qt Tub
(2VMT) 2 Qt Tub
(6VMT) 6 Qt Tub
French Vases:
(1VFV) Small Vase
(2VFV) Medium Vase
(3VFV) Large Vase
 Vintage Oval Tubs:
(0000-OV) 1 Gal Tub
(000-OV) 2 Gal Tub
(00-OV) 4 Gal Tub
Square Tub:
(61) 12 Gal Tub